ACT/SAT Program


  • Individual Study Plan
  • Daily Homework
  • Affordable
  • Small Group Teaching
  • 4 Days / Week class


  • $25 per hour
  • Free Registration

MindZone ACT and SAT program

Our ACT and SAT program is designed to help students with all aspects of the exam including writing. This program will help students achieve their goal score. There are individualized lesson plans utilized to meet each students' needs, and also includes group work. To get started with our personalized ACT and SAT test prep program. please call to register today.

  • The course will directly address both the structure and content of the ACT and SAT English, Math and Science.
  • Main focal points will include those directly pertaining to rhetorical strategies, proper punctuation, and grammar usage tested on the exam.
  • Lessons will thoroughly focus on correct usage/placement of these topics, as well as how each appear in test format.
  • The course will teach students to understand the exam structure itself, as well as strategies to decipher correct answers.
  • Each class will involve one, or more specified lesson related to the mentioned topics and other exam content. Each grammatical/rhetorical lesson will be broken down to ensure individual understanding and then supported with examples from past ACT questions.
  • Each class will also include a brief practice exam testing the day's lesson, with a review to follow. In addition, students will be asked to take practice exams at home to pinpoint difficulties and document progress.