English Program

English Program

Aimed to help improve core concepts, and is designed to build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, fluent reading, identifying a problem and solution to a text, comprehension, punctuation, etc.

MindZone Learning English program targets the following key concepts::

  • Reading Comprehension (We offer individual student-led book clubs to help kids understand different genres and styles of reading)
  • Writing (Writing is one of our most important concepts, and it is encouraged through monthly essay topics, book reports, creative writing prompts, and the revising and editing process)
  • Grammar (Grammar is a key concept in most of the English homework. The goal is to help kids understand different sentence structures, determine between subject and predicate, and understand the difference in sentences to help their writing skills)
  • Punctuation (Punctuation is another key concept in our homework, to help kids prevent silly mistakes in their writing)


  • Instructor will teach a new concept to your kids in a small group with individual attention focusing on each kids (1st Class).
  • We will give a homework sheet for each day.
  • There will be a second class during the week with fun English/Reading activities.
  • Students will take an assessment at the end of level.