Math Program


MindZone Math program offers a wide variety of new learning to promote kids to a more advanced environment. Each level of the math program is designed with specific study objectives and provides a step by step approach which makes learning easier for everyone. Our curriculum is aligned with the Iowa standards, covering all major areas: Number Concepts, Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Basic Algebra, Fraction and Decimal Understanding, etc.

Special Summer Program:​ Our special summer program provides a three month course in which your child has the ability to cover 90% of the upcoming school years curriculum. With our individualized homework, your child will receive attention targeting tricky concepts. There are multiple benefits of this program, including the ability to stay ahead in school and fully understand everything taught, entering the ELP program, and/or the Pre-Algebra course.

Benefit:​ In lower grades, your child has the ability to shape up their middle and high school math curriculum based on performance in elementary. We will help them gain skills to allow them to enter in the advanced math system, which is highly beneficial to their education.


  • Instructor will teach a new concept to your kids in a small group with individual attention focusing on each kids (1st Class).
  • We will give a homework sheet for each day.
  • There will be a second class in a week with fun Math activities.
  • Students will take an assessment at the end of level.