MindZone Learning Summer Program


  • Individual Study Plan
  • Daily Homework
  • Affordable
  • Small Group Teaching
  • 2 Days / Week class


  • $85 per Subject
  • No Service agreement (Mondth to Month)
  • Free Registration

About MindZone

MindZone Learning provides Math and English (Reading | Writing) programs for children grades Pre-K to 6. We are an after-school, instructor-led program who's goal is to provide affordable, comprehensive, individually focused learning that prepares students for academic success, based on their unique needs . Contact us to learn more about how we can help!


Our math program is geared at promoting kids to a more advanced environment. Each level of the math program is designed with specific study objectives and provides a step by step approach which makes learning easier for everyone


Aimed to help improve core concepts, and is designed to build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, fluent reading, identifying a problem and solution to a text, comprehension, punctuation, etc.


STEM education exposes kids to real-life challenges and will help students engage in cutting edge, hands-on lessons that will peak their interest and inspire them to pursue these fields in the future.
This program requires creativity and the application of critical thinking skills. Kids will also begin to understand programming in fun ways.

Fast Track Math

Our special summer program provides a three month course in which your child has the ability to cover 90% of the upcoming school years curriculum. With our individualized homework, your child will receive attention targeting tricky concepts. There are multiple benefits of this program, including the ability to stay ahead in school and fully understand everything taught, entering the ELP program, and/or the Pre-Algebra course.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

This class is available to preschoolers entering KG this fall. This class will help prepare them with any skills they may need to be successful in class..

ACT Prep

Our ACT program is designed to help students with all aspects of the exam including writing. This program will help students achieve their goal score. There are individualized lesson plans utilized to meet each students' needs, and also includes group work. To get started with our personalized ACT test prep program. please call to register today.